Hyperice’s NEW massage gun rivals any other on the market. With three speeds and four different head attachments this tool is as versatile as they come, without all the noise.

We previously used a different massage gun that packed a punch, but this tool brings it as well without the need for earbuds. The varying speeds makes it ideal for assisting treating acute pain as well as chronic. Easily going from one area of the body to another is a breeze with the cordless vibration treatment.


I first discovered the HYPERVOLT during the 2018 World Golf Fitness Summit where Hyperice had a booth. After having just spent several hours sitting and listening to our wonderful speakers my back was starting to talk to me. Without any real conviction we gave the Hypervolt a try. IT FELT AMAZING. Deep and effective, the tool released hours of marathon sitting in minutes. There weren't any other tools on the market I could take with me to events, offices, or sporting events. 

The HYPERVOLT is not like anything else that I have ever used.  There are many great tools for self massage.  This tool is so specific and focused on muscular treatment.  Speed is the key with this device.   The rapid movement of the pulsating arm delivers effective relief.

The results in the thermal imaging above show as much. You can clearly see the significant increase in local blood flow to this persons right quad area.

My patients have really noticed it's effectiveness as well. With what would usually take 10 to 15 minutes of LAX ball rolling, foam rolling, or some other neuromuscular intervention, we can get the same affect with less than 4 or 5 minutes (in some cases MUCH less). 

If you're interested in trying out our new treatment, give us a call at (402) 715-5692 or have us come to your office (Stress Break Timeout) and demo to you and your colleagues.