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I would estimate that at least 90% of world class athletes use Chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and improve performance.
— Sean Atkins, PhD Exercise Physiologist

The only way to truly know that you are being served by a Chiropractor who specializes in Sports Medicine is to recognize the mark CCSP which stands for Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician/Practitioner. This is a post-graduate programs accredited by the National Organization of Accrediting Agencies. 
"Promoting the highest standards of excellence and clinical competence for chiropractors specializing in sports medicine and physical fitness."

The CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) certification requires the doctor to attend a minimum of 100 hours of a 120 hour postgraduate program. Following the completion of these hours, the doctor must take and successfully pass a comprehensive written examination to receive the CCSP certification.



  1. Faster recovery from injury -- get back to play sooner
  2. Access to a wider range of treatment tools
  3. Expertise in high-performance athletics and preventive strategies
  4. Guidance for athletic training
  5. Sports nutrition consulting
  6. Individualized treatment
  7. Sports-specific treatment and preventive exercises
  8. Ability to integrate treatment with training


  1. Faster evaluation of injury or pain source
  2. Reduced treatment duration; less visits
  3. Correctice exercises to prevent injuries
  4. Holistic approach wellness model (limiting exposure to adverse side effects)
  5. Take advantage of the latest treatments and methods developed for athletics