The ability to rotate is far reaching in sports and daily life. In this series we will cover 4 areas of your body that may need improvement before you can expect to effectively rotate, extend, forward bend, or laterally bend. 

This series will give you some great ways to start improving your spinal integrity, through at-home exercises, soft tissue work, and an overall awareness for potential compensation patterns.

The ankle, along with the wrist, maybe the most ignored joint in terms of athletic performance. However the foot is our only contact point with the ground, in a sport such as golf where a powerful swing is the result of creating large amounts of ground reaction force its importance should be obvious. Structurally speaking the foot is also our base and affects everything else further up the kinetic chain.
— Nick Buchan, TPI Certified Strength Coach


Toe touch, deep squat, and ankle dorsiflexion tests all potentially share one problematic area, and that's the lower leg. Ankle dorsiflexion is key for generating power in lifting and sports.

If you are suffering from problems with the foot, heel, ankle, calf, shin, knee or hip this could be a problematic area. 

The right practitioner will evaluate your movement to see if limited ankle dorsiflexion is causing some of your pain and problems. 

The same week we post about our ANKLE care, FMS talks about the importance! The universe is always listening.


Gray Cook, DPT talks about why we take ankle mobility so seriously. If not evaluated and treated by a practitioner who evaluates your movement, you'll likely never know it's an issue. 


A slight twist to a very popular shoulder warm up/exercise. This Tom House exercise is widely popular among MLB pitchers and NFL quarterbacks. 

Use this to warm up before any event or workout. It is guaranteed to get the shoulders pumping and ready to go. 

Similar to our golf warm up, this is designed to prime the nervous system, pump blood into the shoulders, and get all 20 of the muscles in the shoulder actively involved. 


More coming soon!