Correctives for the hip includes three steps. The first is to release the neural tension by rolling the quads in a very specific way.

Keys -

  1. Focused breathing to maximize neural involvement.

  2. Strong contraction with breathe in. Full relaxation on breathe out.

  3. Treat the most challenging areas (1-3 areas) only. There is no need to work the entire muscle or rolling up and down the foam roller.

  4. Try to tell the brain, “we are enjoying this.”


 The second step involves creating greater range of motion in the hip once neural tension has been released via the tip above. Old ways of stretching simply force a tight muscle to lengthen, thereby decreasing its potential for maximum performance.

Keys -

  1. Get into a position where you have full control of the pelvis (buck of water). You may need to start with foot on the ground before advancing to elevated foot.

  2. Follow up the stretch with a strong contraction. In this case, a good glute squeeze pushing through the front of the hip will get you better control of the hip extension we desire.


Lastly, now that we have improved our range of motion we want to activate and strengthen in this new position. We typically like to progress into the second video by several steps, so please consider you may need to take it slow.

Video 1 - Activation.

Video 2 - Strengthen.