Below you’ll find several techniques for releasing soft tissue of the foot and ankle. Having worked through these issues with many patients, I can tell you there is some dedication and commitment to the process required.

  1. For issues with ankle dorsiflexion (foot flat and knee towards the wall) - work on Foot, Soleus, and Gastroc. MFR. Follow by their stretches.

  2. For issues with Single Leg Balance and Toe Control - work on Foot MFR and stretch. Followed by Intrinsic Muscle of the Foot Strengthening and Short Foot exercises.

  3. For issues of foot rolling (inversion and eversion) - work on Foot, Tibialis Posterior, Peroneal, Tibialis Anterior MFR and associated stretches.


Step 1. Foot & Ankle Care (Myofascial release).

Myofascial release of the bottom of the foot and arches.

Myofascial release of the Tibialis Posterior (inside of shin). 

Myofascial release of Soleus (or deeper calf) and Achilles tendon.

Myofascial release of Peroneals (outside shin). 

Myofascial release of Gastrocnemius (upper calf). 

Myofascial release of Tibialis Anterior (shin). 

Step 2. Foot & Ankle Care (Stretch). 

Step 3. Foot & Ankle Care (Strengthen/Integrate). 

Exercise for strengthening the small muscles of the foot. 

Foot strengthening exercise on jumping and landing.

(Level 1) Short foot exercise to engage proper position of the foot.

Stable base, single leg balance exercise. 

(Level 2) Short foot exercise in stance.

(Level 3) Short foot exercise to engage glute and foot together.

Bonus Foot & Ankle Care

Banded mobilization of ankle dorsiflexion.

Bonus Ankle Mobilization