What Makes Chiro|SPOrt Different

At Chiro|Sport, Chiropractic & Sports Medicine we strive to help educate the Omaha community on how to move and feel better. We focus on the root cause of the pain and discomfort, not necessarily the source. We believe in empowering our patients with the knowledge they need to perform better in sports, make it through the workday without struggling with pain and discomfort, recover from strenuous workouts and athletic events, how to rely on their knowledge of nutrition and make informed choices, and most importantly help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


Patients recognize after the first visit the difference ChiroSport brings.

1. Evaluation - the evaluation and exam is likely different than anything you have been through before. We look at the way your body moves, to objectively evaluate why you're in pain.

*The example to the right shows how pelvic tilt can lead to compensatory foot pronation and shoulder drop.

This system of imbalances can go in reverse as well. 

The evaluation continues with things like breathing, core function, and range of motion testing. We put all of these things together to get an idea for where your major pain contributors are coming from. 

2. Diagnosis - the diagnosis should be as specific as possible. This leads to efficient and specific care to get rid of the pain, so you can begin your progress to recovery.

3. Goals - setting goals for care is important so that everyone is on the same page for progression to recovery. It sets the tone for care and expected outcomes. You won't find a sports team that doesn't set goals at the beginning of the season (or even in the off-season). It's an observable and measurable end result, one that can be accomplished stepwise. 



Payment Options

As an out-of-network provider we recognize that sometimes a co-pay doesn't offer you quality, individualized care. Nor does it allow for the comprehensive approach we offer. It also means there are no surprises as to what you are going to pay; as many of the services we offer aren't covered under typical insurance plans and therefore would cost you more out of pocket. You will be provided with the items and information necessary for you to submit your own insurance claim and the reimbursement will be sent to you directly from your insurance company utilizing your out-of-network benefits.

Whether you have a high deductible plan, HSA, FSA, or still want to self bill your insurance; our services, and their availability to you, don't change. 

We have plans for single person, family, monthly, or pay per visit that will fit your needs and get you back to doing what you love best. 

Aside from feeling great, moving better than ever, and feeling stronger we offer the following services as part of your membership. 


To find out more about how we can help you or anyone else in your life, please don't hesitate to ask us questions!